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    So im interested to see if anyone experiences what I do on a daily bases with my daughters dad. He picked her up for his court ordered access today in which I returned a top to him which he’d bought and had changed her into on his last visit when she needed a full change. You’d think that would be straightforward, half an hour later he messages me and this is the exact message:

    “Why does this top look like you have switched it for an older one which you had as a duplicate and covered in stains because it was pristine when she left here in it”

    …. erm she had her tea while she was wearing it. The top is pink. She was eating orange lasagne. She’s nearly 2 and she spilled some. I put it in the wash but sadly some things just stain a little. Its happened on loads of stuff I’ve bought…part of having a toddler I thought. So now he’s kicking off and this is just one example of how I dont deal with a normal person. Cuz I run out an have the time to buy doubles and make them dirty and send them back to him….. does anyone else deal with this level of petty. I would laugh, il admit at this one I even did but he picks every single day to the most crazy ridiculous level how are you supposed to even respond to that!?

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    Its a classic case of 2 parents that dont get along. Raising arguments over very trivial issues instead of listening to each other and their explanations.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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