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    Hi all

    My ex and I have been separated for 5 years and had a relatively amicable relationship, coparenting together. A year ago he met a new lady who I warmed to instantly, she moved in with him within 6 months and it’s all gone quite fast but the kids seem to like her.

    Recently however my ex has been really difficult about a number of things where previously we’d have agreed. It’s like his principles have changed. I’ve had a lot of backlash on my parenting style- where as previously we’d have agreed and worked through things together.

    This has reached a head this week when my ex has sent the kids back after a long weekend at his having done no homework, as his new partner doesn’t believe in it. Secondly my eldest is a competitive gymnast and trains on a Sunday- but they’ve been saying they don’t agree with it as it messes up their weekend. The stepnuns daughter however has various hobbies on a Saturday that they’ll gladly take her too. My eldest can’t home upset this weekend saying they wouldn’t take him to his gym training – meanwhile they rang me and said he had a leg injury. I’ve now found out this injury was fabricated.


    Im so shocked that firstly they would lie, but secondly that they would be so difficult and he supportive of my eldest’s hobby. They will not back down and I admit I’ve got really really cross this week about it. The step mum has been sending me texts which I’ve now blocked- we’ve gone from this amicable situation to one with conflict, and then dictating to me how the kids are raised.

    The children are with me 75% of the time. I have offered more time and suggested the kids would benefit from this but their dad says he can’t due to work. So I work part time and have more quality time with my boys to make up for it.

    Can anyone advise please? I feel she is driving them away and why she is behaving this way I don’t know.

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