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    My 2 children ( age 14 & 8 ) girls …

    My Ex Wifes partner has been in the past Verbally and emotion; abusive mainly towards the eldest ( 14 ).

    Police asked him to leave twice most recently 2 months ago owing to causing alarm and distress towards them.

    Children do not want to live with me as regardless they love there mum.

    I applied for a C100 and C1A application but it was on ice owing to Covid19.

    He is back as from 2 weeks ago and was fine with my children but yesterday started similar verbal abuse against my 14-year-old.

    Social services are involved also a youth worker to help them both.

    For 13 months I have done everything possible to try and resolve the issue and I did think the last 2 weeks was a turning point ( clearly not ).

    It’s just “expected by my Ex as its what he is like speaks before thinking ” She in the past has asked him to leave and all his stuff was removed owing to what he said to my 2 children. Only 5 weeks ago and the police again attended.

    I can only see a circle of the same and my 2 children becoming “victims” of a 39-year-old man’s emotional abuse.

    My Solicitor quoted she can see bad times ahead and some times verbal abuse in the extreme ( as it is ) moves onto physical abuse.

    I am a good Dad my children and partner see I’m doing the best and ultimately is down to ME Where they live but they simply do not want to leave mum.

    Any thoughts?



















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    The Gateway team contacted me today they have decided a child social worker will now be involved with my 2 children ( age 8 and 14 ).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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