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    Emily Taylor

    Hello, I am a single parent with a boisterous little 5 year old boy who is the love of my life.  I split from my partner just after he was born.  I will not deny it has been tough.  No child maintenance forthcoming from my ex and no visits.

    When he initially ran off with my friend I was obviously heartbroken.  But the love for my boy kept me going.  As my boy got older he started seeing the other children at school and started asking ‘why have I got no brother or sister mummy?’.

    Without having a partner I initially looked into using the London sperm bank.  But even though I work 16 hours a week, I decided the amount they were charging was well out of my reach.

    Then about a year or so ago I saw a documentary on a TV channel about 4 sperm donors who offered their sperm for free.

    So I decided to take this route in anticipation of having another baby and a sibling for my son.

    I joined a selection of groups (there are lots).  Immediately men started messaging me.  Some of the messages and were quite unpleasant (including some explicit photo graphs).

    A few of the men messaging seemed okay.  I only wanted artificial insemination (syringe and a cup).  And a couple of messaged me that they were AI donors.

    I agreed to arrange donations with one gentleman.  But his messages quickly become possessive and slightly threatening.  He demanded to know if I was using other donors, and if I was vaping because a picture on my Facebook profile had me with a vape in about 2015.  So he had obviously been through my photos.  He then started demanding that I took pictures of myself on the scales without socks on which I did on one occasion (I thought this was normal)

    I then got a separate message off a helpful lady who invited me into a ‘sperm donor reference group’.  I then saw my potential sperm donor at the top … ‘ uptonnorth sperm donor 200 children ‘ (I will not use his real name which was in a Sun newspaper article).  He had told me he had helped with only 6 donor children.    I obviously decided not to use him because of his dishonesty.  But he was a bit weird anyway.  I think he liked pictures of feet.

    Before I left the group I noticed similar feedback about peadophilia , sexual assaults and threatening behaviour.

    I think I had a lucky escape.

    I do think it’s time the government looked into Facebook group like these.  They seem like one big meeting place for liars and pervy old men.


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