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    I have concerns my childs health and well being are not been looked after properly by her father.If i ask for a social worker to view the situation and i am proven wrong can a judge take my child away from myself and give to the other parent?

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    I don’t think your child would be taken off you just because you have concerns about your child’s care when they’re with their father and those concerns turn out to be unfounded. In my experience, they would only remove a child from either parent’s care if they had serious concerns about that parent.

    Make sure that any concerns you raise with social services have a good basis for them e.g. If you’re going to say that you’re worried that they aren’t getting a bath while they’re there, it needs to be because they are regularly coming back after a few days filthy with unwashed hair – not just that they were there for one night and didn’t have a bath, that could just be different standards of cleanliness / different parenting styles. Does that make sense?

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    Get your evidence before you contact social services . Once these people are involved they are very happy to take your child away . Do not trust them!

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    Thank you aj. Yes i have concerns now on 7 occasions but if im wrong so be it. Why sherima do they find fault when they come out?

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    Ive rang social services where ive now got their help and advice. Thank you everyone

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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