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    I was in a relationship for just over 10 years, to a woman who at the time had been left a widow, as her husband had passed away through cancer, leaving behind her and a daughter not even 3 years old, until June last year, I had been partner and an extremely respectful father/step father to the daughter, after all her dad did not chose to exit her life, we also ourselves have a 3 year old daughter.

    So after all the years of relationship, moved house 3 times, lived as a family unit in all those years, I suddenly get a text a 2pm while I am in work, telling me locks have been changed, I have 30min to say what I need from house or “I get Nothing” as she is going away for the weekend with the girls… Sure enough when I get back from work, there gone, and I have just £2.46 in my pocket, the clothes on my back, and keys to a courtesy car. – this was seen as an acceptable way to treat a human being..

    roll forward a year, the step daughter has been forced out of my life, initially for first month being told “she is too busy”, then when that excuse wore thing, I did get to have both sister together, which was great, the step daughter begun to have issue at school, and so I was the reason, so the mum blocked all communication, that she denied, when in a school report it clearly stated it was so.. so in short she has been removed from my life, to the point, I found out she had been in hospital, when I enquired as to her wellbeing after 2 messages, I eventually got the replay “your not on her birth certificate so none of your business”

    •I have seen the stepdaughter for 10 days out of 14 months, I see every her every other week for a maximum 3min at handover of the 3 year old, whom I currently have on a 50/50 basis, I’m only seeing the stepdaughter as the mum chooses to remove herself from those handovers.


    So the question is:

    •Yes I could ask a court permission for parental responsibility order to be filed for the now 14 year old, which I would get as long as there was no safeguarding issues, but its caused animosity with the ex at it’s suggestion, and with the daughter being 14, it’s from a parents view felt it could be yet further disruption her life… what would you do…?


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