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    So, i’m a single parent to 3 children , have no family or real friends and the children have no contact with their fathers , I have been a single parent for 4 years. I parented a newborn and 2 other children all alone whilst doing a degree, anyway im feeling so ill lately like I just cant do this anymore. The days are stressful , they involve shouting , crying , tantrums and fighting … everyday. my youngest is the most miserable child . I just hate this existence and there’s no way of changing it, of that i’m sure because I have tried everything . Anyone here to talk to?

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    I  am sorry to hear you are not coping. . Have you tried speaking to student welfare to see if you can get some counselling.   Have you completed degree ? Would you be looking to go back to work .I work  part time and it’s stressful at times but I enjoy going so that I get out and meet people.i do love my daughter but I enjoy getting out as it’s my way of coping

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    Hi Sherima, thanks for your reply.xI have not completed the degree, unfortunately, I  deferred for a year so , this degree is taking a hell of a long time to complete(7 years) and  the degree classification that I really need   is slipping away. I will not be able to cope with working and studying.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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