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    Hi Everyone

    Is any of you living in temporary accommodation with no job pregnant and only got less than £350 from universal credit / job centre but have to pay utility?

    I just got email from housing team that I have to pay for electricity which is I am struggling to save up money for my unborn baby and daily cost and I am wondering on winter time it will be cost alot. I am so worried about this.

    Please advice 😔😔😔


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    From what I am aware during my time in temporary accommodation I had to pay the utility costs but my rent was paid by Housing Benefit at the time. If you are struggling with utility costs usually the provider has options to help people on low incomes but in whichever instance you should contact them and explain your situation so that it’s not too late. – Also some areas as in councils have schemes to support people on low incomes so it’s worth checking that out too and in regards to the newborn baby there are charities etc that will sign post you (such as gingerbread) to places that can give you preloved baby clothes etc (I have loads if you want for free if you private message me). Hope everything works out

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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