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    I havent posted for a while I’ve been very been living life.

    But here i am again asking  for a bit of wisdom of u wonderful people.

    I’ve been dating a guy now about 2mths. And weve been taking it slow and I’m growing yo really like him

    So when is the best time to tell my kids of his existence?

    There teenagers and I usually tell them pretty much everything so se ret feels weird.

    My friend who is also a single parent says 6mths… introduce him after a year?


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    2 months seems too early. You hardly know him.
    But you know your kids best. If they are likely to be hurt that you are seeing someone other than their dad, or feel threatened by a new man, then wait a while.

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    I would not tell them nothing. You will know after a year if he is for keeps. People come and go so be very careful bringing him onto your house whtn your kids are there. Also there is the green eye monster on everyone’s family so do not even go there and just wait 4 a while

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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