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    Hi all. I really hope you are all ok, I’m reaching out for some help/advice to you all as I don’t have any single parent friends who truly understand so I’ve not said anything to them.

    My daughter is 13 next month, she has a few close friends but she struggles with confidence. It is just us at home and fortunately we are close.

    But it is killing me inside because I know she is suffering from social isolation and I’ve just discovered her 2 “close” friends have just met today and didn’t invite her, she is so upset. She just doesn’t have the confidence to contact anyone to socially distance meet. She doesn’t really contact anyone else other than the 2 friends and doesn’t want to (I have had many conversations to try and boost confidence and talk about life etc).

    but was just wondering if anyone else is struggling with the same issue xx

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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