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    I have been a lone parent for 15 years (my sons age). It has always been just me and him and we’ve always been very close and loving. However, for the last 18 months our relationship has been simply hell. It’s now at the stage where he will not listen to me, is rude/abusive pretty much 24/7, he has smashed up his bedroom, broken things in a temper around the house. He is well behaved at school but is beginning to get behind in his school work. Every time I try and set boundaries he squares up to me or ridicules me. He is very articulate. I work FT and am solely responsible for him, we don’t have family nearby and I don’t have a close circle of friends. We moved to be near my job when he was a baby and I was unable to build a supportive friend group because when the mums were doing stuff, I was at work. I have been alone for 15 years but this is the most difficult time I have been through with him (and we have not had it easy). I’m in a hell, he is unhappy and we need help. His school don’t see any problems, I need a break but most of all I want my son back. For the last 18 months he simply hates me and asks that I go kill myself. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated

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    Whilst I cannot give you any advice as my son is only 6 and my other children are all girls but I have found that being consistent works quite well. I tend to be a bit soft and back down which can make things worse. I had a few troubles when I was about that age, looking back I know I missed my dad and we only saw him a few times a year. I felt I didn’t have a father figure even after becoming a parent myself I still missed him.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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