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    I’m having such an awful time with my daughter who is coming up 15. It started with problematic periods. Staying off due to pain. Took her to doctors who gave her tablets then patches as couldnt swallow tablets. Then throw in lockdown and its 10 times worse now just refuses to go most of the time. We are waiting to be seen by CYPS. I feel like im stuck, school arent helping and ive not much other help so trying to keep ontop of work etc is getting hard. Anyone else been through similar?

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    Hi DB23, It looks like you posted at a quiet time. I’ve moved your post up the list so hopefully other parents will make contact soon.

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    Hello DB23.  Has your daughter told you the reason why she won’t go to school?  Are school helping you both?  Ask them to put in a referral to the Early Help Team. They will appoint a caseworker who will sit and talk to you both, and then in private, to help her with any issues, that can be either inside or outside of school.   I have a similar situation in that my son who is 15 refuses to go to school, this has been going on since July.  He makes so many excuses (tired, headache, etc etc etc).  The school appointed a Youth Worker to help my son, as he also smokes weed, however my son refused to engage with the youth worker, and now the Early Help Team were allocated to us just last week.   My son has decided he is now living at his dads, and him and his dad are refusing to engage with the caseworker, however the caseworker is working with me and his sister (they are twins) as she is is affected emotionally by this.  I’m extremely worried that my son has missed so much school, as he is in his final year and has his mock exams coming up at the end of November.  Let me know how you get on.  Hugs xxx

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    Hi DB23, I’m sorry to hear about the situation with your daughter.

    You may find it helpful to contact an organisation called YoungMinds. YoungMinds provides information and advice about mental health and emotional wellbeing for children, young people and their carers – Helpline 0808 802 5544, YoungMinds | Mental Health Charity For Children And Young People | YoungMinds


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    Thanks RunningSue and so sorry to hear about your son. We are awaiting CYPS to talk with my daughter and have just had the early team assigned but I must say its hit and miss andthe school have been terrible at communicating they just ignore my emails. I finally got through last week as I was trying to arrange a meeting before half term. They just want to wait until her Cyps worker has been appointed. Its such a worry as she only really has me and sees her dad only about 4/5 times a year and not at all in lockdown which has had a massive effect. I hope things get easier for you x

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