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    Hi All

    I will be a teen mom when my little boy is born in April.

    I am currently doing an apprenticeship within a nursery, they have advised they can hold my place until I return.

    The issue I have is childcare, I don’t want be one of these teenage moms that are looked down upon because I have no job etc.  I will continue to live with my parents who both work, I don’t have any other means of help with childcare.

    I’ve spoken to citizens advise and they haven’t been much help, they have advised I cant claim anything until my apprenticeship finishes.

    Has anyone else.been through the same?

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    Andrew uk

    Would you be a full time mum when your son is born? Could you ask your parents to look after him a couple of days a week? Or mornings?

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    Andrew uk

    Congratulations! I bet you will be a great mum!

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    Andrew uk

    You might get free childcare. You need to make some enquires. I don’t know but i think you will be entitled to more than you think.

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    Hi Andrew

    Thank you for replying.

    Both my parents work full time, when I finish for mat leave I will be 6.5 months into my apprenticeship so when I go back I will have 6 months left to complete the course.


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    hello teen mom,

    I don’t know why CA couldn’t help, but I will try to give you some leads to explore. First it depends on your age, when your child will be born. This will be different if you are either under 16, over 18 or in between. If you are over eighteen, in full time employment, the usual Universal Credit Rules should apply. Given you live in the same household with your parents, things will be complicated. Best thing would be, they buy you a flat, charge you rent, and you will get the top-up without any problems. But that of course only works for the few. For the many, that means no UC.

    If you will be younger than 18 when the child is born, things will be a lot different. As you would still count as a child yourself, there would be another dependent child within your parent’s household and things could change if your apprenticeship counts as work or full time education and how much money you make. They might be able to claim on your behalf and for the baby.

    My advice would be to do a bit of online research and return to CA with a list of questions.

    It will be a rocky road, but it isn’t impossible and there is a little of help available.

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    Hey Sirtobi

    If only everything in life was as simple, when my baby is born he will have Telepes (club foot) and I will already be putting so much pressure on my parents without them having to rent me a place too. One that I know they wouldn’t be able to afford.

    I will have a look on line and see what help is about.

    Thank you for your help x

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    They don’t need to pay the rent. Acting as a guarantor might just be enough to get you a place.

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    Hi @MeganMarie, You may be eligible for Universal Credit when your little boy is born (and help with childcare costs). Our helpline will be able to advise you. It can get very busy, so do hang on! Helpline – Gingerbread.

    Meanwhile, here’s some useful web information Can apprentices claim benefits? – Turn2us

    I’m glad you have found Gingerbread and wish you all the best for the future.



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    *deleted user*

    Well done and congratulations for getting this far.

    Investigate also the social housing provision. Some people may think this is impossible to get but you might have a good chance especially if you have letters of support from G.P etc. Social housing can be an excellent option as most providers do shared ownership of that or other properties when you have been there a while.

    Also discuss with your mentor at apprenticeship if you can. You may not wish to but if needed to defer for a year or even change to a course at college you might be able to. Some colleges have child care.

    You are slowly overcoming hurdles that is great. Sure you will be a fab mum! Keep posting on here people are full of ideas and tips.

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