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    Hi hoping for some advice please! I’ve been separated from ex for 10 years and he has had regular weekly contact with our daughter since. No courts involved all arrangements made between us. Over the last year my daughter has struggled seeing her dad due to his moods/temper. Never directed at her always others. Things have come to a head recently and she says she no longer wants to see him. Can she just say she doesn’t want to see him anymore is it that simple? Because we have no formal contact arrangement in place I don’t know.

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    Yes , she can just say no. I imagine then that you will have to try and encourage her and then tell your daughter to speak to her dad about how she feels and why she dont want to see her father etc.

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    This has been going on for a year so we’ve had lots of conversations about it. She just doesn’t like being round him because he looses his temper easily. It’s a difficult one I’m torn with what to do for the best. I can’t make her go and I also don’t want her having to be worried about how he will react all the time.

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    If you have made arrangement for last 10 years between you, hopefully you can have a conversation with him to keep him in the loop and explain what’s going on,so it should be fair and he gets a clear idea.Then if he cares enough he will makes some changes.If not,it’s up to your daughter to do what she likes.She probably will do what she likes anyway if there’s no court order, so you don’t have to force it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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