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    I work for the NHS and since March, we have been so busy and asked to do overtime. I work 22 hours per week but just worried I will be penalised by tax credits if I do too much.

    Ive asked this before I know, but does anyone know how to work out how much you can earn before being penalised? I know there used to be a 2500 disregard but I don’t think that applies now?


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    I have in my head that the you get so much if you work over 16 hours, then a small additional payment if you work 30 hours or more. But obviously the more you earn, the less you get overall. Have you had additional childcare costs too to offset it?
    I’m not a fountain of knowledge on this topic though so I’d recommend that you call the gingerbread helpline for advice or try and work it out on the tax credits online calculator.
    I agree though that it could potentially impact on the payments for the next year.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    No I haven’t had any childcare costs. I’ll  give Gingerbread   helpline a ring then.

    Thanks again

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    Hi Lottiey

    If they want you to work more hours in any week don’t worry. Tax credits may automatically assume you have changed your hours. If this happens you need to get in touch to explain. I think they understand a person’s working hours is not set in stone.

    It will be put into account when tax credits are revised each year. You may end up underplayed or you may have an overpayment. Still I would call the helpline anyway 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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