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    Evening folks,

    My ex has messaged me saying that he is applying for tax credits, and that mine will go down as a result because we will only be able to claim for 1 child each. He has our girls every other weekend for 2 nights, and 1 night through the week. Can anyone advise me on what my rights might be here? Previously, I had been giving him half of what I have been receiving. I am now refusing to do this, under the advice of my solicitor.

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    i could be wrong but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be affected if your the main carer of the children and they mainly live with you.

    Do you get the child benefit for them?

    i think he could claim as a single if he has a valid reason for not working but I don’t think he could claim for children he only has part time.

    perhaps someone else from this group with knowledge on this could verify that or maybe you could ring tax credits and and ask them but also you SHOULDN’T be giving him any of your money as that’s to feed and look after your children and he should be giving you child maintenance.

    the only way that could be turned around is if he won full custody of your children then you would have to pay him and he would then get child benefit and tax credits

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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