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    Hi, I have just had my tax credit award letter for the coming year. It states I have been overpaid and has reduced my payments to just £30 per week. I work 2 jobs both agency work and last year due to covid I did work more than I had originally thought I was going to. I know that the over payment will be due to this but 5000£ surely can’t be right ? They are basically taking all of my working tax credits and I’m only getting ctc which is the £30 per week. My pay fluctuates massively so if say one week I only get paid 70£ I rely on my tax credits. I have considered switching to uc but because one job is monthly pay and one is weekly I am unsure of how that would work with uc because I would potentially be paid 5 times in one month? This has literally got me ill I just don’t know how we will manage. To be honest I don’t even know if this overpayment is correct? How do you find out? The letter is so confusing? I have tried for 3 days to get in touch with tax credits currently on hold 2.5 hours I have also tried to ring the gingerbread number but again can’t get through. Can I ask them to reduce the monthly payments? How can I see if the overpayment amount is correct? I am not disputing that I did work more last year than I thought I would but again 5000£ over payment just seems impossible!


    and help/advice would be massively appreciated





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    Hi Jenifa.  Unfortunately Gingerbread can’t answer complex benefit queries on the forum.  I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t get through when you tried to ring our helpline.  Perhaps you could try again on Monday when we’re open.  Also,  you could check if there’s a local Citizens Advice you could contact.    Here’s a link to their website and a separate one for Turn2Us who can answer benefit queries on the ‘phone.


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    I had a stupid tax credit overpayment a couple of years ago and couldn’t workout how they’d worked it out! I always nformwd them of any changes.
    UC (in my opinion) is much better. It won’t matter if you work 2 jobs and if the hours change, they get your pay info from HMRC and work out what you’re entitled to on a monthly basis.
    for example the work out my earning on the 10th of each month and I get paid on the 16th. Sometimes there are 5 week’ish between the 10th’s of the month so I will be entitled to less those months compared to a 4 week month. I personally haven’t had a problem with UC, no overpayments at all and you won’t get stung with a ridiculous overpayment at the end of the year

    hope this helps

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    Oh and you can ask them to reduce your monthly payments 😉

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