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    I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
    this time last year I was going to apply for a passport for my little one and planned to go abroad this year for a holiday before she started school. But covid hit and put those plans on hold.

    Im not planning to go abroad until 2022-23 now, but I’ve learnt if you child has a different surname to you, it can cause problems at the airport and I need to get consent from dad or apply to the court….. I didn’t know this last year and if covid hadn’t hit, I’d of continued oblivious to this.
    dad hasn’t seen her for almost 2 years now , I don’t know where he lives but I can find out from his mum who has regularly contact with the little one.
    I know I’m not intending to go away for a while and don’t intend to do anything right now. But towards the end of this year I’d like to get the ball rolling in the way of obtaining a passport, at the same time try and get consent for me to take the little one away on holidays, I’m sure he’ll ignore anything I send him.

    My question is, can I get him to sign something to say I can take her away anytime I like? So, if we planned another trip abroad I wouldn’t have to go through getting consent again?? Or will I have to apply to the court every time I want to go away until she’s 18??

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    Hi,You can check it up properly on the government website,but I think you have to have a letter from anyone else with parental responsibility plus all their details every time otherwise it is considered abduction.Unless you have a court order & proof that you have full custody,in which case it’s a bit less complicated.But,yes it’s a hassle.

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    Thank you. I did look on the .gov website…. but it doesn’t really give the answers, to my situation where dad has completely done a complete bunk of his own free will.
    There is no court order in place, it’s frustrating that he walks away from parental responsibility, in every sense…. but I still have to consider what to do (legally)  just to go on holiday.
    Think I need to do a bit of research

    thank you 😊

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    I think u just need childs birth certificate to prove you are the mother- thats all ive ever needed – I take the birth cert with me but only been asked a few times to show it – if your going on a holiday with a return flight it wld raise very little suspicion – I wld imagine if u had a one way ticket to Australia it might be different 😁

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    Ummmm,they can pick on you so to speak out of the blue so don’t assume anything before you travel.Often they will ask to speak to the parent with the same surname over the phone and it can be a cause for sweat so please make sure you know what your doing before you go.🚀 safe trip.

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    Thank you….. that’s my worry, I have no contact details at all and it would be my luck to get pulled to one side.
    I’ll do some research and see if I can get something signed to cover any holiday now and in the future.

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    if your registering child passport for birth first time, then you will likely need birth certificate as proof.

    if you want to change childs name then permissions would be needed of both parents, or a court order:


    if you want certainty and your ex will be difficult, then you may be better off going through court. with a child arrangement order, you can seek permission to take child abroad. and also as child lives with you, you would be allowed to take child abroad for up to a month, without other parents permission.

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