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    Pepsi Girl

    I am an older single mom to a daughter of 11 years old. I live in an area where I have no friends or family support. I work full time and realise now that work was my social life also. Working at home during lockdown has left me feeling lonely and as we come out of lockdown nothing feels any different.

    I am trying to stay positive and would be interested to hear thoughts on how to meet people and start building a good life. I have tried the obvious like local groups but they haven’t worked for me so far

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    Hi Pepsi girl I can totally relate to you. I am also a single mum to a 5yo son and now that hes gone to school full time and i have so much spare time on my hands i have realised how lonely I am. I also find it hard to make friends easily especially as i get older and i dont work at the moment so i have alot of time to just sit and think alot which is not good i do have 2 close friends but they are both married and busy with their partners so i dont like to bother them as much. Can i ask what part of uk your from?

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    Hi!! I’m not sure how ‘old’ one has to be to be considered an ‘older single mum’ but I have a 17 year old, so maybe I qualify…though it makes me laugh to think I might be considered ‘old’ ever😚

    I understand what you’re saying about the loneliness though,it sometimes does my head in-that I can go a few days with only my kids to talk to.I think for any single parents who are working out of the house at the mo their jobs must be a lifeline,I know I’m going a bit crackers talking to myself(the kids don’t always listen….). I don’t have any practical advice though,sorry.

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    Hi all,

    Being a older single mum to a 10 year old boy. I definitely can relate. Been hard through all lockdowns. I have worked from home since March last year. I didn’t realise until working from home I didn’t have many friends. Work have been good with team meetings twice a week, but still feel very lonley. My work is still no where near opening the office back up, to be honest probably never will full time. I Live in Wales and all my family is back in England. Joined ginger bread today to hopefully talk to like minded single parents. Now the weather is getting nicer hopefully this will put a smile on our faces. Sorry, I do not have any practical help but hopefully sharing our situations, we can feel we are not alone x

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    Pepsi Girl

    Thank you for sharing. I am sure there must be lots of us out there in this situation. Whereabouts in Wales are you?

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    No account

    Hi all, I haven’t posted for some time, fairly new to this as well. I joined up as well, to hopefully.make some new friends. I totally get where you’re coming from, the kids are great, but as you say, now they have gone back, I am feeling very lonely. I have always worked from home, so my life was always the kids, husband, house and work. I feel that maybe it’s my time to get a social life!! I am an older single parent as well, it’s not nice to think of yourself that way, it’s nice to know that I am not the only one feeling this way. I live in the North West, in Merseyside. Between Liverpool and Manchester, Where are you all from? Julie

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    Michlouwhite feel free to add me or message me your defo not alone x

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    i hear you ! it’s so tricky . I also have no family around and new friends who I don’t know really well …

    Im in west Wales and a single mum to 3 boys .

    I’m realising how lonely I am. It’s a real effort to get to meet up with school mums – always seems to be me who suggests it .

    These mums all have partners and i don’t know any other local single mums . It’s tough as I’d like to see more people on the weekend but they are often together with partners and kids .plus well, covid !

    it’s been 3 years since I’ve been a single mum and I’m feeling pretty tired of having to do everything on my own. My ex is a right knob so I have to put up with that too . It’s draining!

    I’ve had a lot of support over the phone . I’ve had support from home start and other forms of support too. This has been invaluable .

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    Hi, I am a v old single mum to a 4 and an 8yr old. I know how you are feeling Pepsi Girl. Where are you based?

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    Another one here to join the club!

    Work was my social life too, they’re my best friends. We’re still really close, my boss even came round to put up my curtain poles when I bought my house (not a euphemism by the way!😁)

    Talking via screens is not the same and I too don’t have family close by. I’ve met a couple of people on here but it’s still online, which doesn’t quite fill the void of speaking to someone face to face.

    By the looks of it there are a fair few of us around.
    Im holding out hope for things improving over the summer, being back in the office and seeing my friends again.

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    Not sure i want be old mum! Im mentally still young 😁.

    I have 3 kids , n a granson !

    My youngest is 10 being single mum is very lonely at times esp with covid …tell ya i get my conversion from my dogs than my kids plus the dogs never moan about what we have 4 tea!

    All my friends have partners to….i been single 5 years …

    Don’t miss a partner jusr the company of people be nice to have others day trips or nights in or out…


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    Ella B

    I’m in the same situation, working from home for a year with no friends outside of work and very few family members close by. There’s another thread on gingerbread where a group from the London area are arranging local days out, camping trips etc. If there’s anyone on this thread from the Newcastle/Sunderland/Durham area, I’d be happy to help organise something, even if it’s just for a coffee and a natter about something other than Ryan’s World! 🙂

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    Lindsay O

    Hi, I have just joined as feeling very fed up of having no friends and feeling sorry myself so thought I would see if I can do anything to help meet people. I have a 9 year old son who is great, but I am lacking in friends of my own. I am very close to my sisters but they are all a good hour away and all have families of their own. I would love to have some friends of my own to talk to and maybe even go out with when the world opens up again! I am in Merseyside.

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