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    After our daughter refused to see or speak with her dad. I have suggested systematic family therapy. However therapists said we have to do joint sessions even though there is history of mental abuse.(divorced 5 y ago) I have raised my concerns that our daughter too has been a victim of mental abuse too. We have Caffacs report when she was 6 she feels anxious when she’s with her dad. But she seem to brush it off. Therapist also confirmed that  victims of mental or  physical abuse will have to attend the session with the abuser. I am baffled that the system exists that makes survivors to relive their trauma. Our daughter wrote him a letter but therapist doesn’t think my ex would be able to handle the content of the letter and might take this matter to court. So she should not share it with him yet. Am I wrong to feel  this is not right ?

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    The whole point of systemic family therapy is to improve dynamics/relationship/communication of members of a family or other group.It therefore sounds very appropriate.It would be pointless without affected members of the family in this case attending.Your daughter would not be reliving her trauma from abuse.Burying these issues anyway usually only exacerbates difficult situations and leaves it to fester.There’s nothing to lose by trying.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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