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    I’ve just found out I’m pregnant and so excited. Last night I started to have really bad cramps and went straight to A&E because I never have cramps even on my period (yeah one of the blessed ones). They took my bloods and they said the pregnancy hormone is at 1060 so still in the early stages, but they wanted me to come in this morning to do an ultrasound. When they did the ultrasound, they couldn’t see anything in my womb so checked my right Fallopian tube as that’s where most of the pain was coming from. They couldn’t see much because for some reason my bowel was bouncing about and more on the right hand side. The midwife said she noticed a small ‘doughnut’ shape which is what she was looking for, but because of my bowel moving around so much she wasn’t sure. I have to go to the hospital on Monday for more bloods to check the pregnancy hormone had gone up by the expected 63% in 48 hours.


    Anyways, I’ve been having more bowel movements than normal, a lot more gas too. I’ve also grown a couple more spots tonight, which isn’t normal for me cause I don’t get them unless closer to my period. If the pregnancy hormone wasn’t going down, surely I wouldn’t be getting spots cause the hormone would be reducing? I’m just wondering if anyone had anything like this and it wasn’t an ectopic pregnancy? Just their bowels or whatever?

    Sorry, I’m just a single parent for the first time with no one around to give me any support or help with this.

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    Hi Shalea

    Thanks for commenting on the forum.  The forum is certainly a place where you can get support for other parents.  Hopefully you’ll continue to use this as you go forward.  Just so you are aware, I will be sending you a personal message.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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