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    I need some opinions and advice please. I split with my ex in May due to dv I have one daughter with him who has his surname, I’m due in 4 weeks with his second child, I’m unsure whether to give baby my name, his name or double barrel it my name his name. He wouldn’t agree to have my daughters name changed to mine or double barrelled and since he is around I don’t think I’d get anywhere in a court. What do you think? Opinions on the surnames and advice tia

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    I had a similar situation my oldest has my last name (different dad) and I thought it was best my youngest did to although his dad demanded he have his as he’s his dad so it should be his, I ended up giving him mine and compromising and his surname is his 2nd middle name, in your situation I’d probably double barrel it and put in a request through court to change your oldest to a double barrel name to, as he’s involved it’s unlikely they’ll change her last name just to yours and it could be seen as doing it out of spite (wrong I know) either give baby your surname and request through court for double barrel for your oldest or do double barrel for most they are likely to grant a double barrel as both mum and dad’s surnames are included 🙂 keep evidence that you suggested a double barrel surname and that he’s refused to show you’ve asked and tried x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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