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    Hi everyone. Never thought I’d be writing this but I’m now a single mum of 2 very small children. I was wondering if there was anyone out in there,  mums or dads, in Oxfordshire who want to chat and create some sort of support network. I am going through hell seeing the emotional pain my first born is in and I have no power to heal this for her. She is confused and angry. The confusion comes from being told she’s loved by her dad but not enough attempt at spending time with her. I did move back to my home town after I had a breakdown being alone with no support, him working 7 days a week and the emotional and practical isolation I felt. I did beg him to come with us so I could raise the girls where I could cope, but he saw this as me choosing my family over him even though I have followed him round my whole adult life. He keeps saying I left him when in actual fact he left me. I left the area after a long over due mental breakdown and he finished it. I am so shocked and angry at how I feel he’s used our children as a stick to bash me with. He thinks he is a victim but he isn’t, our children are. He didn’t visit them for 7 weeks until I screamed down the phone if he didn’t come and see his kids soon don’t come at all. It’s had a terrible effect on my daughter. I’m put in the impossible position of protecting her and shielding her, to not wanting to lie to her because she is so confused and constantly trying to contextualise the conflicting position of what she is being told by her dad and the reality of what she can see Infront of her. I’m due to move in my own place in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping it’s a fresh start. If anyone else is in a similar position it would be great to talk and exchange ideas of how to endure this difficult time

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    I am new on here and surprised that there isn’t a group nearer to me, I live in South Oxfordshire, there is a group in Abingdon but I was wondering about setting one up closer to Wallingford / Caversham / Henley. Did anyone ever get in touch with you?

    I am a single dad of 2 girls full time, they are 14/12.



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    I’m in Oxford and recently a single mum, the hardest bit is watching the kids try and understand it all!

    I’m happy to chat/support. Hope you are holding up, it’s hard but stay strong, the kids know they have you!

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