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    My ex partner is only allowed contact with my son if I supervise it. This contact always takes place in my house. As my ex now lives 200 miles away, he tends to come and stay during the period of contact. It is not a situation that I am happy with at the best of times, but my son loves seeing his dad and so I put up with it.


    However, we are now in lockdown. To begin with, I delayed contact but we are now at 3 months since my son saw his father (because of the distance involved he hadn’t seen him since February). However, my son is desperate to see his dad. He does not enjoy video calling, he says it is not the same.

    The gingerbread helpline said they thought my ex could still visit, as did a solicitor I contacted, but has anyone actually had contact this way, rather than the child moving between homes? My ex works from home and lives on his own. I am working from home.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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