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    Does anyone else get slightly daunted by the prospect of six weeks summer holidays?

    As a single parent of an only child it can bring about mixed feelings for me.

    Are there any good single parent meet up groups that are currently active in the South West London/ Richmond-upon-Thames area?


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    They are moonlanding! 6 weeks is such a long time!

    I hope there are a few things going on in your area. X

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    Fortunately the school has put on a summer club  which starts in August. £7 per day with trips to swimming each day .

    We have broken up days with trips out,days  at park or  water play in  the back garden . My daughter s new child minder has a special  summer club for working parents

    Next month I’ve booked some coach  trips to the seaside . Luckily my neighbor has got 5 grandkids so it’s nice that we can compare notes and support one another.

    I’ve just ordered a large inflatable palm tree pool to keep my one occupied.  The freezer is f

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    Up with ice lollies !!

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    It’s daunting for me too! My daughter is an only child and finds it difficult to entertain herself. Her dad doesn’t have any time off over the 6 weeks to help. 😕

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    Well you know what 6 weeks will go very quickly . My one has gotten taller and has been sleeping alot .

    I have to go back to work  to work next month and I found  a lady who looks after kids during the hols. Her garden is massive and you can hear the little ones laughing when you walk up to her house. However,  It’s 30 minutes in the car to her house so I just have to not moan about it as I wouldn’t have been able to go to work.

    Fortunately our nanny is back after a 3 months trip away abroad. I’m so relieved as she’s the only person I trust with my door key!

    I,m looking forward to seeing our  nanny and the palm tree purchase!

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    Holiday clubs are a massive help.

    we are away on holiday this week but next week, son will go to holiday club where a little tribe of other kids and they do trips or activities. Plus warm evenings mean we can cycle or picnic on the common for supper. Have weekend days with friends, try freebie sessions at the local tennis club, go swimming or see family.

    Pace yourself, think of an outing per week – zoo, cinema, local science museum – and some more everyday activities. Check the local paper, look for children’s theatre or art groups. But some water pistols and prepare to get wet 😊

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    I definitely feel you. Summer holidays are DEFINITELY daunting as a single parent to an only child. It’s the intensity, right? Alllllllll day, everyday… it’s you they need for everything. With no childcare or school to break it up. Unfortunately I have no advice, just wanted to pitch in with an “I hear you” 😉

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