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    Will try and be brief in explanation of current situation. Been seperated for almost ten years, ex fiance lives in jointly owned house with two kids after being awarded residence with kids. I agreed at the time that I would sign my share to her sole name. Docs for transfer came through with another person on forms…the chap she had an affair with…consequently I never signed the transfer. So here we are ten years almost down the line and I’ve rented all of those years whilst she has been paying only the interest on the BTL mortgage. The court order stated obvs that I would receive my share and she would do her best to release me….there was no mention of occupational rent or interest on my share. I’ve tried over the years to convince her to buy me out but she will not entertain the idea that I should receive more then my percentage as stated in the court order. The fact that she has benefitted massively from this situation you’d think she would at least sit and discuss options but why would she as she is sitting in a very nice house paying very little for it. She had her partner both work full time, both have a pension and have both recently sold a house each so are not short of funds. Me on the other hand am unemployed due to disability receive HB, DLA etc… Have only recently paid of the loan to family that I took out to pay for solicitors and barristers a decade ago, so don’t want to or cannot afford to go down that route again. Plus I have been recently cautioned that I would be liable for a CGT for half the value of the property if I tried to force a sale, which incidentally is like three times more then my percentage awarded by the court all those years ago!?! So? I am finding it difficult to see a way out of this situation, anybody care to enlighten me as to how I can stop the ex from benefitting massively anymore without it costing thousand in solicitors fees etc… Am I in contempt of court or is she, do the courts change orders after all this time ?? Feeling disheartened, deflated and definitely miserable about the unfairness of it all so much so it effects my mental health every day as I can’t stop thinking about it lately. My rent is four times what the interest payment is on the FMH plus she isn’t paying of the loan at all which is another worry?! It is like a Pandora’s box of crap and the more I think about it the more crap my situation seems? No wonder men’s suicide is four times that of women in my age category.

    Anyway sorry for the long post and thanks if you got this far!.

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