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    Are there any single parents studying through the open university?

    It’s something I’m looking into to better myself and my daughter. To give me some focus, discipline and confidence. As well as expanding my possibilities.

    I’d like to hear from people who’ve had experience. One of my worries is the lack of time.

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    Hi Marr,

    I’m studying for a MA with the OU right now, and have studied for my BA with them for years.

    I don’t know how much time you have available to dedicate to studying, it usually takes about 16 hours a week to get the work done, more when you have to prepare assignments.  The tutors are excellent and really flexible and helpful.  I personally loved the experience but it does get very tiring if you are studying at night…

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    I am currently thinking about studying psychology with OU. A friend tonight pointing me in the direction of Derby University as they do sports psychology.

    I’ve got plenty of options but I know if I take it on I could be burning myself out.

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    Hi Marr,

    I’m studying with the OU but took the last academic year off as I thought it was one thing too many in the split and I didn’t want to drop my overall grade. The OU reckon its 16 hours a week for each module but the level 1s are more like 10 and then it increases with each level. You have to do assignments about once a month and that, in my case anyway, takes much longer. Time wise it is really flexible so if you have a busy or lazy week you can catch up the following one.

    I would recommend it in a flash. As much as I love my kids its fantastic to have something that is just for you and something that will help your future. It is hard work sometimes but you learn so much and not just about the subject, you are also taught other skills that you can apply to other areas of your life. Plus you meet lots of people from all walks of life. I’ve really missed it this year and wish I hadn’t deferred but hey ho at least I’m in a better mental space now.

    Best of luck for whatever you decide x



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    Thank you Nicole I’m just weighing my options up now before I make a final decision. Endless research today and some conversations for support.

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    Hi Marr

    I started retraining with my part time job when my daughter was at preschool, 3 years on and I have finally finished! I did courses and qualifications through learndirect, with a personal tutor, not with the OU but there was lots of study to do at home. I would definitely recommend home studying as they are always understanding of you if you need extra time of you explain your situation.

    It was tough at times but definitely worth it in the end and the sense of achievement did wonders for my self esteem and confidence. Good luck with your decision!

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    I finished my marketing diploma in one year . It is a 2 year course.  I have a dream job and a lovely little girl because I went back to studying.

    My daughter start school in September so I’m thinking of doing an art degree on the days I’m not working

    Good luck


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    I have been thinking the same doing a psychology degree but was worried about committing myself so much to a course I might not be able to finish …. I am thinking of doing an A-level equivalent instead to see if I like it .

    good luck

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    Hi Marr,

    I write this with a lot of confidence as I’m a mature student myself @ Cardiff Metropolitan University. I a single dad (well divorced) and have sole custody of my two children (one a young girl) and although it’s tight, believe me you can do it.

    I’ve no family in the UK, and the few friends that we had my ex strained those, so it’s just me, I & myself with the kids. I’ve a very good childminder who fills in the void when I’m at Uni or work but other than that I get no respite whatsoever as they’ve no contact with their mum.

    Trust your ability, you got this!!

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