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    Hi I’m in the process of divorce, I have a place on a master’s for sept to train to be an art psychotherapist which will take three yrs and enable me to earn a better wage and support my family. I have no income from my ex.

    I am currently on UC and work two days a week. I have three school  age children. Does anyone have any experience of applying for a post grad loan and what effect it has on UC? I’m told they take 30% off UC which for me will be three months income. The course fees alone are not even covered by the loan of 11,222 ….I have spoken to student finance and they think as the fees exceed the loan I might not have to have my payment reduced…it’s crazy otherwise as I’m trapped in a benefit loop.

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    What is UC? Sorry for being thick. I’m going to finish my degree in September and try to get a better wage for me and my kids too ( I have 3 kids too) are you nervous about juggling work/ home/ studying? Because I am !!

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    This is what it says on the government website.  If you receive a loan that pays maintenance and tuition in a single payment, for example a Postgraduate Master’s Degree Loan, a proportion of your loan will be excluded from your Universal Credit payment and the rest is deducted’,and%20the%20rest%20is%20deducted.


    So it looks like it will be reduced which is bizarre when you’re taking out a loan and not getting a grant.  you might be eligible for a support grant or loan though.  I’m still on tax credits as i work full time and don’t qualify for any other benefits i’m about to apply for a postgraduate loan i hope it doesn’t reduce mine too otherwise i won’t be going.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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