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    I’m after some advice. Me and my husband have recently decided to separate but I don’t know where to go from here.

    we agree it would be best for the kids if  me and them staid in the house but the mortgage is in my husbands name only. Would I get help money wise to live in his house without him? I’m on a low wage and wouldn’t afford the mortgage and all the bills but he wouldn’t be able to afford to rent elsewhere and also pay the bills on this house. He says he will struggle to rent as has bad credit rating and an Iva in his name but he dosnt want to sell the house as he will never get back on the property ladder but also dosnt want me to move the kids to somewhere smaller. I feel we are now stuck living together.
    as I am the one that wanted out of the marriage he says I am the one that has to figure everything out but he is making it very hard for me.

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    I’m currently in the same situation living together at the moment but the mortgage is in both names. Not sure but I don’t think you would get money still living together.

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    Just to indicate. I have a joint mortgage. My wife left early last year. Three separate solicitors including mine advised she did not have to pay joint mortgage. I have both kids love with me. Makes no difference. She just walked away. Only obligation is statutory maintenance. She didn’t even pay that for six months. I end up paying a £1200 mortgage a month and try and take care of kids. She is taking me to court. Life is crazily unfair. And until the court stamp things then all the while the mortgage comes down she still benefits. If only split ups took into account the children life would be so much better but hey life goes on. There is a problem if you divorce and it’s not your house. Don’t move out whatever you do. Personally speak to the family court and get advice. I have a solicitor but it is really expensive. They love to invoice every five minutes. I totally understand it’s difficult if not impossible to live with someone who makes your life hell but if you can do not leave the home especially if you have kids. Seek legal advice. I wish you all the best. X

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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