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    I’m struggling to cope I’ve had the worst 2 and half years of my life. Me and my husband have separated been on and off for a year and half. I still want and in love with him but he hates me and with his new girlfriend. We have a 6 year old daughter who I live with at my dad with my sister her partner and two kids. It’s very stressful there. It’s also been a year since I lost my mum very quickly to cancer only found out in early June and passed away end of last August only having one treatment. I’ve lost everything I care about and feel so guilty about my mum. I just want my husband back and my family never wanted it and it’s all down to me. Being pathetic stupid anxiety to socialise feeling not good enough to do anything low confidence.


    Don’t know what to do anymore?

    I don’t want to be here no more I want to be with my mum. Every single day is heartache and pain for me. I have friends and family but they don’t understand and seems to ignore what I’m saying but it’s not a partner and I feel so alone I’m not strong enough to be on my own a single mum. I only carry on for my daughter but it’s getting harder but every night I wish not to wake up because I hate myself.


    Got no job no home of my own got nothing.
    Dont know what to do no more I’m just useless 😢

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    I didn’t just want to read and not comment but I just wanted to say that you will be ok. I’m sure your mum would want you to do your best for your daughter. I have felt like you do through a relationship breakdown but realised that life could be worse and I have to be strong for my daughter. I’m happy to chat if that will help. Whereabouts do you live? Your post made me feel sad. I’ve just today broken up with my boyfriend of a year as he was lovely but he wouldn’t accept my daughter and he wanted me to choose. I can sympathise with you I really can. My daughter makes me happy and my family are pretty supportive but at times I feel my sister is preferred as she isn’t a single parent and sometimes it’s like whatever I do is not good enough. No matter how hard I work or try etc. Could you try looking for a job? Have you spoken to your gp about how you feel. I hope you will feel a bit better tomorrow xx

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    Hi there LonelyHeart33

    We’re sorry to hear that you’re feeling low and going through such a difficult time. It’s really important that you look after yourself and get the right support, advice and information to help you through these challenges. It’s great that you’re sharing your situation, as talking can really help. Please continue to use the forum if it helps.

    You can call Sane’s helpline on 0300 304 7000 on or the Samaritans 24/7 on 116 123 if you’d like to talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Mind also have some useful information. Gingerbread also has a factsheet on looking after your emotional health.

    If you think you’re at immediate risk of harming yourself or someone else, you should call 999.

    We hope this helps.

    Take care,

    Faye from Gingerbread

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    please dont feel too depressed, it is so difficult i know, i have an 8 year old daughter, still in contact with her every two weeks, (the breakup was so difficult) message me back if you need someone to talk to

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    So sorry to hear you’re going through such a rubbish time.  Losing your mum and a partner truly sucks. I cant even begin to imagine what you are going through but its totally understandable that you feel so low.

    You are definitely NOT useless.  Please make an appointment to see your GP and talk through how you are feeling.  He/She may have some self help ideas or may prescribe something short term that will take the edge off your feelings and help you to cope a little better.

    Big Hugs x


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    My mum passed away seven years ago from cancer. It does get better. I know you’ve probably heard it before but time is a great healer. You will get stronger and one day look back at this like a distant memory. Try to go to your gp and ask for a referral for counselling. It sounds like you may be seen as priority as you have slot going on. Try to get as much help as you can and take little steps. Try also to be kind to yourself and look after yourself.

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    I’m so sorry to hear your struggle. Your not useless.. You must bounce back.. I’ve lost my mother, my home, my investments, my pension. I was living in my car for a while.. Now, I get my 2 kids every weekend. Life’s a real struggle but once you and I get to the other side it will be better.. Deal with 1 day or even 1 moment at a time. Work on everything you can do to make your moment a little better. In a short while it will be better.


    I felt the need to respond.

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    Hello there,

    Please look for some help, it sounds like your stress levels are through the roof and you are experiencing some depression.  It is very, very normal to feel that way with all that you are going through.

    People sometimes don’t understand even if they mean well, looking for support from someone who is trained in helping will make a difference, because you will feel heard and understood.

    You will get back on your feet.

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    i know exactly how you are feeling, …..   i lost my mum and twin sister when i was a kid, , 5 yrs ago i lost both my other 2 sisters and an uncle all to cancer within 6 months of each other, a divorce , 2failed relationships and last march  i lost my dad.

    the  pain doesnt go away, BUT it does get easier , alot easier, … you need to learn to accept what has happend , come to terms with it and move on, … i know its hard to even think about at the moment, …. but in about 18months time you will look back on this and think yeah i did it!. 

    i tried to bury my head in the sand so to speak and ignore it all , .. to a degree it worked,… but it was just putting off the inevitable.

    it was the big black hole of lonliness that crippled me, .. that horrible empty feeling , and the self doubt , always questioning my self, and the “WHY?” and “WHAT IF’S”, i got to the stage were i was thinking “if this is life i dont want it, stop the world i want to get off”, was like i was just hanging on with my fingertips to the edge of sum big black hole and i could feel myself falling.  on the outside i seemed fine, but on the inside it as not a nice place to be .. i eventually bit the bullett and got sum help,  i went to Turning Point talking therapys, .. they were brilliant , a god send , …. please dont feel alone ,cause u are not,  message me anytime even if its just to let off steam, .. you will get thru this , …. i did  x

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