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    Ive been a single mum since May 2020. Ive never really been bothered before, I’ve always just got on with it. But recently im really struggling with the toddler stage, no support from her father physically or financially.  Im currently stuck at home with my parents due to a long waiting list on the council. I just want my own place. I never get a break she goes to nursery 2 days a week and i also work those 2 days. My parents are always busy but because im in the same house its like i don’t get the break even when they do help.

    I dont want to go Doctors because they will try the medication route and counselling and i dont want to go down that route. So i was wondering if anyone is going through similar? What do you do ?

    Im not an emotional person but i become upset at least a few times a week, i also keep this to myself i dont want anyone in my life knowing im weak. I hate showing emotion! My babies dad is also a narcissist so my current relationship is struggling im constantly worried he will leave me

    Help !!!

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    Hi! R_p_1988

    mom also a single mom of three I had my first child 12 years ago then my second couple years after that. And never had bother me either I’ve always pushed my way through but since of lately it has been so hard it’s like I don’t know what I’m doing anymore as a mother. I do know what you’re talking about going to the doctors trust it doesn’t help neither I’ve been to them and it’s like I still don’t exist.

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    Whilst I am a single  (separated) dad and have a supportive mother to my children, I sympathise that you don’t have this support or network immediately around you. You are doing really well to keep it together and we are all entitled to have an off day – I had one 3 days ago!

    If you are ever able to reconnect with a friend to have a Zoom chat or telephone chat, it can really rise you. Humour has helped me massively with my old school friend recently.

    I’m sorry I can’t offer much more than that right now, but at the very least, well done for keeping everything going in the face of adversity.


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    Thankyou both so much for commenting back. Im normally such a strong person and just ride through it. But yes its time to admit im struggling. Your messages are somewhat  humbling to know im not alone. Ive reached out to my partner today and waiting on his response for a little date night so i can fully open up with my feelings on being a single parent ect… i think sometimes i need to stop trying to be so strong xx

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    Andrew uk

    Hi. Sorry to hear you are struggling. Message me if you want to chat more. Can you make time for you when she’s in bed? Could your parents look after her overnight so that gives you a chance to get away? I know it’s hard living with your parents but it could also be a benefit. It’s good you work 2 days and then hopefully gives you a bit of distance, even if you are working and not relaxing.

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    Single Dad of three kids half the time. I used to hate my free time but now embrace and love it.

    I still free awful sometimes though as there’s never a moment. Full time job, three kids, very difficult to make time for any potential partner… feel you pain!!!

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