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    I split up with ex boyfriend 8 weeks ago because of his gambling ways his manipulation, lies and aggression he’s already moved on with a new partner, we’ve got a 15 month old daughter together. He’s still living in the flat that we own together until everything is finalised as he’s buying my share of the property I’m still yet to go and collect all my personal belongings in fear of how he’s going to react as I know as he’s kicked off in our relationship, I know he’s been moving it all hiding it in draws and bagging it up and taking all pictures down off the wall including of his daughter. Just wounding how people have coped with ex’s moving on with children being so young, he’s not a reasonable person to have a conversation about how I feel due to gambling ways he’s always totally disrespected me. Any help would be appreciated I just feel totally disrespected not only has he moved on so quickly and taking no consideration as to how this is going to impact on our daughter so young but he’s also got no care in taking her into a house that’s still mine.

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    Having moved out, it can’t be easy knowing that a home that you decorated together and made lovely is being changed and your possessions are being stacked away out of sight.

    all you can do is take comfort that soon it will be over. You’ll be able to have your own place, create a stable home for your daughter. Thankfully she is too young to remember much in future about this happening.

    I found planning my next home rather than thinking about the last one always made me more cheerful.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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