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    Hi everyone,

    I’m a new member and wanted to see what everyone else’s experience with working with the other parent was like (if you still have him/her in your child’s life, of course).

    I’m struggling with it because he is being generally uncooperative with sticking to pick up/drop off times (sometimes he oversleeps and doesn’t turn up at all) and communication. In the past I have been sympathetic and kind, trying to facilitate his visits to my own detriment. Now, however, I have expressed my true feelings and enforced a parenting agreement, one which I intend to take to be formalised legally. In the meantime, he is now being rude, ignoring my requests for information when he has her (recently she’s been unwell and he promised me an update which he didn’t give) and generally being very childish.

    I just wanted to see if anyone has had similar experiences and how they got through them. To be honest, I’m tired of this weight on my shoulders and it’s starting to really affect my mental health. Perhaps I need some perspective as I know a lot of people have a lot worse experiences!

    Thanks for reading!

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    Hi i am going through the exact same thing and have been asked to complete a Early help request form as I am a the sole parent of my 3 year old daughter and my ex husband drops in and out of her life he uses her as a pawn and to try to bully and intimidate me he doesn’t always contact me to let me know she’s ok she has additional issues stemming from the cleft with sleep, hearing and speech and I’ve had to remove her from his care at times. I’ve had the police and got legal advice but I haven’t got enough for legal aid or the money to fight it and have been advised if I complete this and he summands me to court this will help my case. we’ve been separated since february last year and he was abusive to me throughoout my pregnancy and when our daughter was born he is the army so they have lost the reports and evidence of these incidents. ( i say that loosely) how are you enforcing the parenting agreement etc ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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