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    Hi guys

    Where do i turn when i feel this is too tough. My little boy is hard work says no to everything and i dont know how to educate him or instill right and wrong. I cant cope at times and im so stressed I either give up or shout. He is 3 and i would prefer to habe him in nursery 5 days a week


    I take him out buy him lots. Is this the problem? Also there is no real progress with potty/toilet training this is totally stressing me out


    Any help or advice please as im going mad and im emotionally drained and mentally feeling rough

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    Three is such a tough age. They go from being your angel to having will power!
    Distraction is a great tool. As are reward charts. If you buy him loads maybe cut it back to just a treat when he deserves it.
    As for potty training mine got 1 chocolate button for a wee and 2 for a poo (downside is before that they hadn’t tried chocolate). Also taking them to the potty regularly even if they don’t need to go. Not a fan of Gina Ford but her potty training book is good. He may not be ready which is fine. If you are sure he is then it is good for them to feel the discomfort of wet pants but only if they are definitely ready. Don’t drop everything to clean them up, waiting a few minutes is okay.
    Good luck

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    PS – is there anyone else who has him, important you get a break too

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    I kept taking my one to the toilet. She didnt want the potty. She didn’t master the toilet until she was 5 years old. There was lots of accidents, both poo and wee. Your child obviously isn’t ready. What does the nursery say? It’s. a struggle and mine still has accidents

    Tonite I got out our beautiful music box which is a light up snowy white  forest scene with wooden characters. I thought its getting darker we can use as a lamp. My daughter left her bed to hold it then dropped it. The mirror didn’t break but it’s busted. I’m so cross & I get you but stop buying as it’s coming Christmas!


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    Hi thank you. He hasent been ready before but now i feel he just refuses to he sits on potty or toilet seat but he gets off quickly and it isnt a set routine atm

    Im so tired and had enough. I cant seem to know what works with when he plays up. I do take some toys away and put them out of reach. I took dummies off him altogether and that worked and transitioned to bed easily and his meals are fine

    He is great in nursery they say i just dont know how to keep him entertained. I take him out but he kicks off and my fella isnt helping he tells me im doing not enouhh to teach my son and he shouts at him and tries to take charge not sitting well with me and i feel that probably is one solution to a stress to leave him

    Im in a rly going nowhere place atm and my mum used to have him overnight but that stopped with lockdown and she said once i replaced his bed with new one his cotbed can go to hers and he can stay she has had it for weeks and not set it up and now she unwell so she usually has him Monday day but hasent and so im doing it and nursery. I dont get a break really when he in nursery I work

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    He gets the odd book, stickers, sweets, macdonals etc when im out all this is probably adding up to treating him when he plays up even he still has been given something. I dont enjoy shops as he is a pain.his attention doesnt stay on one thing at home and when just me and him and im trying to do things im always hving to feel i need to help him or he wants something else. I dont get chance to just sit down yeah a coffee here and there but its just same same same and im not well

    The issue of my mum not having him has hurt me as her fella stays there but not my son. And now she isnt well but im mentally not and also have hernia and few issues of pain and i have no choice but to do it


    His father didnt wanna know but only lives down the road and i feel like asking him to want to know and help but that is not what i deep down want but why is it all falling at my feet the responsibility

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    It was also his birthday last week so he got a few bits and yes nearly chirstmas but im in no mood for that. Suurounded by happy families all having a roast and it will be me and my son on our own. This is not the way i envisaged things at all and no one in my family really cares i dont think they dont realise im struggling but put brave face on

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