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    Hi there

    Until recently I was content and happy within my life and relationship, then without saying a word my partner packed his things and left. We have had no word from him and have no idea where he went.

    Looking at it objectively he must have planning it for a while to be able to move literally everything he owned. His office, his garage and everything he owned from within the home.

    I am totally devastated and so is my daughter as he didn’t give any explanation l, say he was leaving us or even say goodbye to her. We are both struggling to come to terms with it, and I am desperately lonely as my family is the other end of the country and I don’t have a wealth of friends, he was my best friend not just my partner.

    I’m really unsure about what to do, I can only take 1 day at a time and would really appreciate some advice or support.

    Many thanks


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    I’m so sorry Ava , here to chat if you need someone to listen . It’s a matter of taking each day as it comes , small steps . How old is your daughter ?

    It must be a total shock to you , but you will get through this and you are doing .
    Try and be kind to yourself and  create some distractions, maybe a walk out with your daughter , sit down and watch a movie together , something simple .

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    It is a massive shock as I really didn’t suspect anything was wrong.

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Kind regards



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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