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    I have been a single mum for the last 4 years, I have always juggled working, socialising and parenting well. But now I’m struggling to cope.

    My daughter has just started in reception, I have had to change job working unsociable hours including; evening, waking nights and weekends. (Pre covid I had a 9-4 Monday to Friday job) I’m also about to start university this week.

    My daughter is struggling with school, even though she was going to our childminders throughout covid due to me being a key worker, I rarely worked a weekend or evening ( I would while she was at her dads) But on a Monday evening I work till 9pm and I have to collect her and take her home, meaning she’s tired for school on Tuesdays. On a Wednesday I have to drop her off at the childminders at 6.30am, she’s tired again. Then I work either Friday and Saturday one week or Friday night the weekend after. Our only day together is a Sunday.

    She begs me on a Monday evening not to go to work after picking her up from school to drop her with family. This makes working unbearable and I feel major guilt!

    Now this is the part where I would like opinions on what to do.

    Do I leave my job?

    If I stop working we lose £400 a month and I lose the only part of my life where I communicate with adults.


    carry on working?
    I don’t get to see my daughter much and she’s not in a good routine for school.


    I know money is not everything but without working we can survive but without any enjoyment.


    Any opinions are welcome, I can not sleep or focus currently.

    Thank you!


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    Are you going to Uni full time?

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