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    Hi guys,

    I’m new here. Single mum of 4, 2 of my kids have special needs. My son is 7 and extremely violent and destructive. He has been since he was 2. He doesn’t have a diagnosis but I got him an EHCP last year and funding.

    Does anyone else have experience with violent behaviours? Last night he threatened his sister with a knife, which was terrifying for us all. 🙁

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    Hi AbiP

    Its Justine here, one of the moderators.  It sounds like you are going through a difficult time.  I will be sending you an email so we can discuss signposting options for you.

    Take care


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    Where has a 7 yo got the idea of threatening someone with a knife? Is he copying something? Can you limit what he sees on tv and on-line? Have you moved the knife block to an out of reach cupboard. Cutlery drawer & Scissors too.

    Can you get him involved in more sport type activities? Basically wear him out cycling & playing football. Limit his screen time, and his sugar intake / fizzy drinks. Lots of fresh air & back to basics, calm routine, earlier bed time, & some 1:1 time with you so he feels he has your attention.

    It’s a lot of work. Do you have family who will help you? His dad or an uncle/older brother who will take him to football practice?

    Some councils have support staff who will help. Have you discussed with his teacher? Can you ask the school for help?

    i have a 10yo and he definitely needs a male role model. He does karate twice a week which is a good outlet for any aggression and the Sensei is very supportive.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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