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    I have two daughters aged 3 and 5 and I live alone with them. One has been ill this week and I’m really struggling to cope with a limited support network of only my elderly parents. I have a boyfriend of 1 year (not their dad) who is very helpful when he is here. He’s away at the moment for 8 days and its been a hell of a shock to the system remembering how hard this is. It’s absolutely a 2 man job. I don’t want to depend on my new boyfriend but I’m desperate for help! Is there no-one we can call as single parents?! I want someone to help with bedtimes and mornings! My daughters deserve it!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    is the dad able to help out?

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    How often do I rant the same way. But we have to take it as it is. You will come out at the other end. Ask the tooth fairy or Santa Claus ;-). They might be available. I mislaid their numbers, but I am sure with the help of our favourite search engine…. Have a good night.

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    Andrew uk

    Hi. Sorry things are difficult atm. Can your parents take them for a few days or an overnight? Or can you go to stay with them for a bit then you have an extra pair of hands? I’m guessing it’s back to school soon though which will help. Get your youngest into child-care for the 15 hours a week etc.

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    Andrew uk

    Yes it is definitely a 2 person job! If your bf is going to be around for a while he must appreciate that he is taking on 3 of you. Give him what you expect his role to be but also ask him what he sees as his role.

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    Sorry to hear your finding it tough, it can be at times … Especially when kids are poorly.

    Your 8 days is my everyday! – I have two kids & have mixed-dis+ability & 0 support unless I pay for a childminder…. But we make it work & get through, kids never go without 🙂

    I find mindset is everything;

    Believe you can do this you can!!

    Keeping grounded that other people manage with much less can help avoid panic & overwhelmed feelings.

    Don’t forget to recognise, as difficult as it can feel… You are getting through it, the kids are safe & their needs are being met.

    + Practical stuff like

    Taking moments for yourself even if it’s just 2 mins in the bathroom just to breathe.

    Having a priority list & not beating yourself up if some things are left for tomorrow.

    Setting the kids up with an activity or TV/ film so you can get some life admin or the housework done doesn’t mean the kids are suffering or going without!

    Meal & snack prep or involving the kids can make cooking easier.

    Am sure your doing better than you think.

    Believe in yourself.



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