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    So last August , me and my little boy’s dad split up.  I suffer with mental health problems and I must have been hard to be with sometimes,  but I tried to do anything to get better and be a better girlfriend and the best I could be for him. He obviously decided he still didnt want me though, but instead of communicating with me and talking to me about it and doing it the correct way – and most decent way, he chose the cowardly way and didnt want to tell me so instead he chose to act like hed already left the relationship. He acted single and started going out all of the time, always leaving me at home on my own and leaving me with our son to do everything. He misbehaved on so many occasions, he was being inappropriate with other women, I had found webcam sex sites on his phone. We eventually split up anyway as I had absolutely had enough of everything he was doing to me.  I found out after a month or so through a friend that he already had another girlfriend, however evidence shows that this *new girlfriend* had been on the scene for a while and she’d been there when we were still together. That was all hard enough for me to have to deal with, but recently I’ve found out that not only he’s got her pregnant, but he got pregnant only a month or so after we split up. So he literally jumped into everything 2 minutes after we split up.  I am really struggling with coming to terms with all of this. I have had problems with blaming myself and beating myself up, thinking it was my fault we split up – even though with help and support, I’ve come to the realisation that it’s not my fault, but now I seriously cant stomach how quickly hes moved on with someone else and that hes having another baby only next month! Our little boy will be having a sibling. Hes playing all happy families with his new girlfriend and new baby coming along and I am really struggling to come to terms with it. I have accepted it’s happened/ happening, but I’m struggling to come to terms with it and be okay with it. Anyone been in this situation and can offer me any support? Thank you. X

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    Don’t ever blame yourself,life is messed up sometimes,he is a coward for not helping you when u needed him,let him move on cos u will do better trust me,you may not see it but you will,I know it’s hard to stomach cos he has moved on so quick,but history will repeat itself and he will move on again,focus on yourself and child,and don’t worry about what his doing,he ain’t worth it,he has shown no respect to you,work on yourself and be the best mum you can be and everything will fall into place

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    Focus on yourself and your child hun. I know it’s hard but your ex is not your concern now. He is a big lad (or supposed to be). People do as they must, there’s no stopping that.

    Some people go through long and miserable lives and they never gave anything as wonderful as a child to show for it. You’re so lucky 😀

    Trust me in time you will look back and be like ‘what the heck was I thinking?’

    You’ll meet someone better, fitter, richer (possibly) or you can do what I do – stay single! 😂

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    Thank you both 😊 x x

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