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    Hi, thought I’d post on here to talk to some people who have been through what I’m going through at the moment.

    Bascially I met my husband 7 years ago and 1 year in I accidentally fell pregnant. We made our relationship work and then had another child 2 years after and then got married and a house. It all seemed the right thing to do for the family at the time although I must admit I did have some doubts from the start.. we have a 2 year old and a 4 year old together and a big mortgage.

    We’ve always had an okay relationship but there is not much love or communication and he can get very angry at little things. Over the time I have been pushed further and further away and I no longer love him. I feel myself craving attention from others which isn’t great and I just want out. I live in an area surrounded by his family, literally walking distance, and we rely on them for childcare. My family are a couple of hours away.

    We’ve had conversations for about a year now about me not being happy and nothing changes. I just am so tired of being miserable and have had a few too many wines most weeks because of it. Which is not like me at all. It is just me that wants this, he doesn’t, he wants to try harder but I honestly can’t anymore. I don’t love him but I do care about him and I am so worried about hurting him as he’s my girls dad and the hurt it will cause both of our families. I’m also worried about the girls and how they could be affected.

    I guess I just need some advice… Should I stay unhappy for all the above reasons or should I do what I really want to do?

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