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    So I feel like a right muppet writing this but I don’t know what to do. I’m seriously struggling with being a single parent at times at the moment.

    Things that I never used to think about such as having a bath in the evening or trying to work money out or the kids behaviour all feels like a battle I just can’t win at the moment. I try and have a bath and if one of the kids wakes up that’s it I’m out the bath trying to get them to sleep before they wake the other one up and that’s my time over.

    Like tonight for example, my kids are good kids and so polite but my 4 year old started school in September so has alot of emotions and testing the boundaries he’s doing, my 2 year old is going through the dreaded terrible twos stage. This afternoon has been an absoloute nightmare of bickering, arguing and just generally not listening. I then thought at least it was bed time soon and my 4 Yr old went off beautifully as my 2 Yr old did… Apart from now that my 2 Yr old has for some reason treated that as a power nap and woke up being an absoloute menice for just over an hour so I’ve been sat on his floor trying to stop him waking his brother up when all I wanted was to have a bath and get some wrapping done tonight.

    Just really feeling the whole not having that extra support here at the moment and feeling like both kids are really at a testing time.


    Sorry if I just sound like a right moaner I love these kids to bits they are my world but sitting here freezing cold and soaking wet for an hour is really starting to get to me! Xx

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    Hi….You’re not a moaner, neither do you sound like one. You sound like a great Mum doing her best.  I’ve got a 6 and 8 year old who are with me most of the time so I know what it’s like.  Do you get any time just to yourself during the week?

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    Hiya, ah thank you I feel like such a bad mum at the moment like all I do is tell them off. They are not just at the testing age of awnsering back, tantrums and fighting each other but they don’t sleep properly at night my eldest had night terrors (and had before all this happened) and my youngest is severely asthmatic and had been so poorly recently he’s got into a habit of waking up constantly crying because he wants me there. They both get up about 430 and so I’m totally knackered but feel maybe I’m taking it out on them by just moaning at them over things that probably otherwise wouldn’t get to me.

    Their dad pops in for an hour or two when he finishes work but they go bed about half hour after he gets here (I know people have it alot worse on here and that’s why I prob sound like a right drama queen) and then we have them every other weekend in turns x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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