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    I’m new to this but here it goes.

    I’ve just moved to a new area and don’t really know anyone. I have severe anxiety and depression which makes it difficult to make new friends. I have a 3 yr old son who’s father has never been involved due to him choosing drugs over his son. All the friends I had with children I no longer see as they can’t make the journey to see me and vice versa. Feeling very isolated and quite lonely. I’m based in the Norwich area and have looked into different groups to go to but don’t really want to go on my own as they all seem to have groups of friends in the groups themselves so very intimidating. I’m also a young parent which a lot of people look down on me for. Does anyone have any advice to help with any on this?

    Many thanks

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    Hi Rhi,

    I’m also new to this site and have suffered with depression and anxiety over the years. I am a single mum to 4 children. Being a single parent is extremely isolating by itself let alone being in a new area and suffering from mental health issues so I really empathise with you.

    I too struggle to make new friends so I’m not the greatest to offer advice but I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone and there are plenty of us in the same position.

    A positive with being in a new area is that no one knows you or any of your history so you have the luxury of a clean slate to start a new adventure with your son.

    If you have Facebook are there any local groups you join online? Sometimes it’s easier starting up a conversation online if you have anxiety. You said your little boy is 3 so it won’t be too long before he starts nursery or school so maybe you might find other mums there you could get to know and go to a play group together so you don’t feel so alone?


    i wish you the best of luck x

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    Well said NikNak,

    Hi Rhi, I think too many times we try to cover up how we really feel and isolate ourselves as a way of protection because we don’t want to face anymore hurt. And its ok at the beginning but then as time goes on it gets worse and trusting people again is unbearable.

    A big hug and if there’s anything I can do to help I will.



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    Thank you to both of you.

    I’ve looked on all the local group sites but nothing that is easy to get to or costs a lot of money. I think the reality of being in my own house is now setting in, I’m glad I came across this site as everyone seems so nice and supportive. I open up a lot better online than I do face to face so this forum is ideal, its just the sitting alone every day and night is getting quite lonely. I’m currently searching for a nursery/Pre school to get little man into I’m hoping it will help settle him down a bit as he is very hyperactive and full of energy all the time. He doesn’t really sleep a lot so its a struggle with bedtimes and getting him tired enough to sleep.

    Thank you both for you’re help and advice I really appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Hiya I’m new to this and have been reading everyones amazing messages sorry late replying to this but can I just say that I feel like everything u said u feel is exactly how I feel, nice to see I’m not on my own x

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    FL185 that’s okay sorry for a late reply haven’t had much time to be online recently and you’re not on your own there’s a lot of people who feel the same on here if you need a chat let me know maybe if you’re close enough we could meet up if you fancied it ๐Ÿ˜Š x

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