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    Hi amy im the same situation my ex left me 18 months ago and its hard inbox m3 for a chat x

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    Hi guys. Im recently divorced (3 weeks) but living on my own for past 6 months. Weekends are the worst for me as I miss doing the family things terribly. I see my lad everyday but he lives with his Mum. It’s just not the same knowing that he isn’t in his room where I can go and tell him Dad jokes or chat about life. Miss my dogs, miss talking to my ex. I’ve got a very sociable job but no real friends. It’s strange because some days I think my ex and I did the right thing and other days I feel like picking up the phone and talking to her. We are not on good terms and haven’t spoken for 2 weeks after saying very hurtful things to each other. She took the actual divorce hard even though she initiated it saying I didn’t fight enough and you know what? I probably didn’t. It’s peaks and troughs at the moment and at 41 I’m throwing myself into work and ultra marathons as a temporary distraction. Long term I just don’t know.

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    Thank you I will x

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    Hi updownleftright, weekends are hard for me too. As a dad I don’t have that group of friends that have their children. Essentially I feel isolated as I have the kids and it’s just the three of us. This isn’t me moaning, I’m lucky in that I get the kids 50/50 and its pretty amicable. But my 5 year old asks a lot if we can play with other children. My ex sees her friends in big groups, all of whom have children a similar age. We do family stuff alone and i feel like I’m letting them down. They’re both desperate to play with friends and I just don’t have any who have their children with them at weekends.

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    I totally resonate. This is my 4th year since getting divorced. I live with my 2 children. I have since moved on but my ex strained all of ur friendships. I have no friends,  no one to chat with, my other family are abroad. I do wear a brave face,but it’s a lonely lonely place.

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