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    Hi,I’ve not been on here for years now, single parented for 3 years now.  I have two girls, 4 & 6.  I’ve always struggled with my eldest behaviour but recently I finally got school to listen and she’s being assessed for possible autism.
    It’s hard to explain but here goes.  She’s asked me why she has no friends, but I find when I take her to places she clings to people (not literally)thinking they will be her friend but she goes the wrong way about it causes upset so people don’t see her again.
    I’ve started hobbies with them to try and encourage better behaviour and interests  for them.

    Over the years I’ve ended up with no friends because her behaviour really affects my mood and I’ve lost a couple of boyfriends as she’s so much to put up with and I’m so stressed out too.

    I don’t receive any additional help from family, their dad has them at weekends and my daughter has made present partners life a misery and he’s talked about separating.

    im just ranting but single parenting is so hard and I can’t control the effect my child’s behaviour has on others. I’m not happy I’ve evidently been struggling for 6 years with a child with learning difficulties .  I’m booked on lots of courses and my mental health is in bits

    Rant over, when does this misery end 🙄 xxx

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    I’ve noticed a lot of single parents have kids with extra needs.

    Simple really and makes sense.

    It used to upset me very much when armchair psychologists or even teachers/other parents used to knowingly nod their heads and say “she’s just got emotional issues bc you’ve split up”, or whatever.Nope.Often ppl end up splitting up bc the kids can make life unbearable with all their needs & there’s no time or energy left to put into your marriage.

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    I agree, it’s frightens my even having friends because of my mental health and my daughter people don’t stick around.  Even family make comments but do nothing xxx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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