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    I’m really struggling to come to terms with single life, especially in this lockdown. Does anyone else feel the same?

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    When you have children to care for it will drive you nuts at times. We have managed to escape into the garden and my child is at school.

    Why do you call yourself ghost?

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    Hi was wondering if i could speak to some single dads i have been currently separated from my partner for 3 months and i am struggling to cope with it as i have depression when we separated she said i didnt do enough with her and my 6 year old daughter we were together 8 years and looking back i emit that I didnt do enough but i wanted to change for her but she won’t let me is there any chance that i could get back together with her and also she works full time 4 days on 4 days off and i also work full time 40hours a week but because she kicked me out i gave her the house and moved in with parents and im currently sleeping on the chair and my three brothers live here aswell so there is nowhere for my daughter to sleep its going to be a long time before i get a place. she wants me to take the child for her to go to work as im the father and I completely understand this but my mum and dad mostly look after as i work my dad takes her to school and all she also wont let me back to the her house aswell what do i do ?

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    I’m called ghost because that’s the name of my doggy.

    My garden is a mess because the dog keeps digging in it and I’m struggling to sort it out because I have RSI in my wrists which are hurting at the moment so Its not relaxing sitting in it for me lol my little one is only 7months so it’s just us here. I can’t help but want the whole family thing and wish I had some here with us.

    Aww sorry to hear that. I hope your ok. Well I’m a single mom but the only advice I can give you is to show her your willing to change, as you said she was right. Is that the only reason you broke up?  If it is then She’s not going to consider having you back untill you prove it to her. So maybe arrange a day where you take the day off work and then have your daughter the whole day or something just maybe doing something nice in your garden together. It’s hard times at the moment. All I can say is do your best for now to show her you can do more, show her what’s she’s missing. If that’s what you want. But make sure your not just doing it to get her back… just incase it doesn’t work out with her in the end but either way you will be getting a much better relationship with your daughter by doing more things with her. I’d just concentrate on her for now and see how things go. I’ve had depression before too and it’s really hard, you just have to try and concentrate on the positive if you can. And by doing more things with your daughter will definitely benefit you both and make you feel better no matter the outcome with your ex

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    Liane 245

    Yes, yes, YES!!!!

    I signed up with Gingerbread Christmas 2018. I’d been on plenty of fish and started seeing a ‘lad’ but it was all to ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ for me.

    I went on a date with an older man and had just decided on a POA for this year inclusive of singles events with date in a dash, attending meet up groups and SOCIALIZING!!!!!

    Its gone…..its all gone 💢

    I have never been more het up, bored and irritable in my life…..

    Definitely glad to be working over this time but “URGH.” Like real kevin and perr “URGH.”

    Corona 1 Lianes Social Life 0

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    hi thanks for the replay and i want to change for the child and do more things i just Didn’t no she was unhappy with the relationship She held all in until one day i came hime from work and said she was unhappy and wanted to separate because with were both working Full time and there was a-lot going on it happened so fast I couldn’t cope i did ask if were ever gona get back together again and she said lets see where the future takes us I’m finding hard to cope i told her i was sorry i didn’t do enough with her and the child and to forgive me all she wanted was a family and because i was so depressed i didnt want to anything it this has happened I feel awful about it. 

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    I just want what other people have, someone to share things with. Someone to be there, someone to make dinner for and talk to. Argh. And in this lockdown all the neighbours are having nice quiet bbqs in their garden together making the best out of things and it winds me up because I really want that.  The though of dating tho makes me feel sick.  I feel like my moment to have a big family has gone.


    And faloon…

    If you explained it all to her then try not to worry too much I’m sure she knows your sorry. What she is looking for is change. So just do your best now and show her what she’s missing and that you can do things. Concentrate on your daughter and I’m sure your pieces will fall back into place


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