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    I ended my 16 year relationship with my husband last year. I am really struggling with with whats happened. He moved on really quickly which hurt and I am constantly going over everything in my head. Should I of tried harder? Was there something I of done? I still love him but knew things werent right. We have two beautiful kids and it breaks my heart we arent a family anymore. They still find it difficult but all this happened just before covid so its not been easy. I want to move on and be positive but I have moments of feeling so down and regretful

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    You’re not alone.Just here on this site you can see there’s a load of ppl who’ve been through the wringer.It doesn’t really stop hurting,but it gets less over time.Please don’t sit and brood over your woes or eventuality you can feel like you’re drowning.I know what that’s like.Don’t beat yourself up for what Might have been,it just hurts you more.I don’t know if it’s any use but I sometimes look at my kids & think if hadn’t gone thru what I did,I might not even have Them(even tho they drive me potty a lot),who knows? And please don’t torture urself by comparing with all your happily married friends….take it from me.😪 Have to either look at somebody worse off or just think of the positive bits you do Have.Wishing you better things…

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    Hi echo79,

    Gummibear just puts it so wonderfully…

    Time is a healer. Thinking of you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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