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    im 8 months pregnant and my ex partner left for a another relationship (his childhood sweetheart) a month ago. he assaulted me at one point and i left but as soon as i went back he left me for her. he has issues with alcohol which he has said he has stopped. ive been getting better at being ok and i thought i was moving on. today i am struggling. i dont even know why. its not because i miss him. but i think its hard to get over all the hurt hes caused and hes ok now. he has no remorse and is living life happy. he has also started denying he assaulted me and said its because im jealous of him moving on. although the assault happened months before this. its hard to accept some people dont get punsihed and keep people happy whilst the people they caused pain too have to deal with it all

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    I think often it’s not the particular partner we miss, it’s being in a partnership even though that partnership can sometimes be toxic.

    Your ex may seem to be happy but he is carrying his baggage which will no doubt surface again, I split with my last girlfriend around 3 years ago and while I miss the type of relationship she promised it was definitely an abusive relationship, one which has taken me a long time to get over, one thing that I kept in mind is that she will behave with whoever she is with as she did me so while she will have fleeting happiness it will never last as she can’t or won’t change, in a way I pity her but I wouldn’t want her back and I am looking forward to finding my own happiness in the future.

    We all have tough periods or days but they will pass, hang in there 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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