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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted some advice regarding a particular topic. Due to a number of unfortunate events over the years I began to fall behind with my council tax payments (please don’t judge). I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and began to Bury my head in the sand, which led to even more anxiety and depression.

    Because I’m quite far behind, my debt is now with enforcement agents. I have spoken with them and arranged a repayment plan. I have recently started to receive universal credit and as you can imagine money is tight. The enforcement agents have asked for a payment within 10 days. I don’t receive my universal credit until the 28th of August and if I pay what they are asking for within 10days then I will be left with what equates to around £1 a day to live off for myself and my son. I’m also on prepayment meters for both my gas and electricity and they will need topping up soon too.

    I just don’t know what to do. I need to pay what they are asking but I also need to provide for my son for the whole of August with barely any money And its the school holidays. There’s nobody I can ask to lend money from as I have isolated myself due to my anxiety /depression and I know my family are struggling too.

    Can anyone offer any advice. Has anyone been in a similar situation.

    Thank you all for your time.

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    I’m sorry to hear of your predicament and no one should judge you. UC is a nightmare.

    Us forum users are encouraged to give support and opinions rather than specific advise so your best bet is to give the gingerbread team a ring on their helpline, you’ll find the number if you click on the contact link at the bottom of the page. They are specialy trained advisors who will give you the best advice.

    All the best


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    Thank you for your reply Mark.

    I will be sure to do that.


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    as you’re in the assessment period for uc you can get an advance of the payment that needs to be repaid over the next year. It’s not ideal but could help out.

    You need to look at budgetting options and seeing if you’re on an appropriate repayment plan. I suggest that you contact stepchange and money advisory service for more detailed debt management support.

    if you look in entitledto website it lists grants and awards. You maybe eligible for some of these too. You are also eligible for food bank vouchers.

    I would also speak to the utility companies to see if you’re on the cheapest payment tariff for low incomes.

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    Thank you Solomummy.

    I will look into all of this. I have been working with stepchange and they have helped me to come to a realistic repayment plan which Is affordable. However it is just this initial payment that they are asking for which is slightly higher and has come at the worst possible time.

    I have tried to find information regarding food bank vouchers am I right in understanding that they need to be issued by your gp?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Some schools can issue food bank vouchers, some churches and local community centres, some job centres, some health visitors, some children centres.

    It really varies area by area.

    i would google your local food bank and it should give you information of where to get the vouchers from.

    If you can’t find this private message me and I will have a look for you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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