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    Hi I’m new to this forum and thought it may help to speak to people in similar situations.

    i bit of background.. I left my ex when my son was 3 weeks old last year due to domestic violence he has no contact and I live back with my parents and my son (currently in process of trying to get my own place but that’s another story) I lost all my friends years ago due to the control situation in the relationship with my ex and not living near my friends so I don’t have much support and only spend time with my sister which helps but due to this I do feel very lonely.

    My son is lovely but I do struggle especially as recently he has been unwell and so have I and my parents are great but I made it clear I want to do everything for my son myself as when i live alone this will be the case anyway. I guess I just wanted to get this out there as recently I’ve been struggling my son isn’t sleeping well and doesnt nap, he’s almost one and very active so I just have no time anymore and with no social life it’s just really getting me down.


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    I am new to the group also.

    I just want to say I empathise with you regarding wanting to be independent, but be kind to yourself and do accept help from your parents. Though you are hoping to get your own place eventually your parents will hopefully still be around to help out from time time. It is important that as single parents we recognise it isn’t a weakness to ask for help. From my own experience having sometime to myself and to do the things I enjoy make me a better mother, I have more patience. Bringing up a child or in your case two is a big job and you are doing amazing at it, let your parents have the kids even if its just an hour.

    I know the no sleep 1 year old very well, you have my sympathy. Can your little boy nap with you?


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