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    Hi All,

    It’s been a little over a year since the separation, I threw myself into being the best Dad I could be, but I struggle with depression, more so the last month or so. It’s a cycle for me, I know deep down it’ll lessen, but it’s hitting me harder than I would have thought.

    I’m posting this, I guess, as a way of getting it out there and acknowledge that I’m in the lower part of it. Trying something different to break up the cycle I guess.


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    Acknowledging and admitting it is half the battle.  Good on you for doing so.  Welcome to the forum.  You’ll receive some good support on here. Happy to talk if you need to.

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    I feel your pain mate going through the same myself we just have to take one day at a time remember there is support out there if you need it

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    I’m currently blocked off from seeing my 6 month old. Going to work and thinking about the same thing every day and what to say to ur partner is the hardest bit

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    Thanks all for the support.  It feels silly to feel like this. I’m actually very lucky I have the boys all the time apart from every other weekend, it’s just sometimes it hard to think of the positives.

    It has helped knowing there are people out there willing to listen and to offer their support.

    So thanks again.

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    Good on you, divorceing myself, tough times with an abusive wife and abusive family. I’ve been down to my lowest, admitting it, talking about it has been the turning point. Family, friends and professional support has been a great help. More importantly, my two kids give me the biggest up lift out of everything. I’m being strong now, not taking being pushed or bullied by others, this is with support from the police also. Men need help to. I have no shame in admitting it.Looking forward to me and the kids getting a new home, with a peaceful life, no drama, I will get there. Giving all my time, effort and love to my two beautiful kids. Stay strong fella. My kids give me the strength, those little cuddles and words of love you daddy

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    Hi David…depression is slow burner it just kinda sneaks up on you. I’m probably not the best one on here for advice on it as I’m kinda struggling myself right now…but what I do know is talking about it does help..and for me doing things that make me feel good about myself like going to the gym or walking helps might be short lived but I does help. Here for a chat if needed bud…take care

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    been a single parent for over a year and divorced ( my decision ) . I’ve was then diagnosed with breast cancer of which I am now clear from But now really struggling with my 6 yr old. She doesn’t seem to have much respect for me and therefore doesn’t do as I ask. School mornings are the worst as always running round like a headless chicken. Any advice would be much appreciated.



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    Hi Claire, I’ve been single parent for several years now with no contact with the Dad and this year I also had breast cancer. Surgery on both breasts and radiotherapy for several weeks. Now just hormone therapy.

    My daughter’s behaviour started to change quite drastically at home. From being angry, kicking, punching etc to regression wanting me to get her dressed in the morning etc. This was her response to me not being the normal mummy she knew.

    I met with a Macmillan family support worker who explained this was quite normal for children who has someone close with cancer / treatment and my daughter is now booked in for a workshop to address some of these difficulties.

    I also went back to the school and gave examples of my daughter’s behaviour, specifically when and what the Macmillan family support worker had said. Now my daughter is getting extra support around her emotions etc.

    I hope this helps somehow.

    Fran x

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    Hi Clair,

    It’s great that your in remission and Fran has given you some great advice. Just a thought but perhaps if you started your own thread you might get even more replies.


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    Clair, just to clarify I meant that as your struggle is quite specific you might reach out to more people who have been through the same situation, I didn’t mean that you shouldn’t be posting here. M

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